The Painless Process of Online MBA Admissions

The Wall Street Journal released statistics that includes a startling number: 7. That is the number of career changes the average American makes during his or her lifetime. Seven career changes within a span of 40 or so years appears to be a little high, especially if you further break down the statistic to find the average American changes careers about once every six years. The latest economic trends make it easy to understand why most Americans switch careers. Companies continue to lay off workers – often older, experienced workers – with unprecedented frequency.

Where do the displaced workers turn when they want to change careers? According to a recent US News and World Report article, a growing number of displaced workers return to college and earn an online MBA degree.

The Reasons for Pursuing an Online MBA

One of the reasons older workers pursue online MBA degrees is to take advantage of the higher online MBA admission rates compared to traditional brick and mortar universities. Online MBA programs typically place more emphasis on work experience and less emphasis on scholastic achievements. The perception is online MBA programs target adult workers who bring real life professional experiences into the virtual classroom. The interaction among students promotes a healthier climate for working on projects and learning technical topics.

US News and World Report compared the average admission rate of the top 10 ranked face-to-face MBA programs with the average admission rated at the top 10 ranked online MBA programs. Not surprisingly, the top 10 face-to-face programs only accept 19 percent of applicants, while online programs accepted nearly two-thirds of the applicant pool. Besides placing less of an emphasis on academic records, nearly 45 percent of online MBA programs do not require the submission of GMAT scores.

Online MBA admissions rates do not mean that online schools present easier curriculum or maintain lax academic standards. In fact, online MBA programs rival their brick in mortar counterparts in terms of presenting complex business topics and issues. This means younger applicants should consider applying to an online MBA program. First, you can schedule your class lectures around professional and personal obligations. For example, you can work a day job in your chosen career and come at night to attend the instructor’s class online at your convenience. Second, online education allows you to press the pause button and rewind to review topics you may have missed or do not understand. You no longer need to record your classroom lectures. Finally, earning an online MBA is a more affordable way to achieve professional credentials and higher salaries.

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