Master’s in Marketing vs. MBA in Marketing

In the era of digital platforms that have a consistent presence in the lives of people all over the globe, the work of marketing professionals has never been more essential to building a strong business – or more complex. To reach an audience that’s bombarded by messaging on a nearly constant basis, advertising and communications efforts have to be immediate, impactful, and highly targeted.

Becoming a Marketing Professional

master's marketing vs mba marketingA leader in the field has to have more than simply an intimate familiarity with their audience. They need expert knowledge of the latest content and media distribution methods, the ability to adapt to the shifting world of digital marketing, and an ongoing commitment to developing valuable strategies that benefit an organization’s specific goals. However, you may be interested in developing more business-focused skills and understanding your place within and impact on your organization. Either way, a marketing manager or director that can spot focused opportunities to communicate with their brand’s desired audience effectively while meeting ROI targets are perpetually in-demand, as the current state of the industry reflects.

To develop these essential skills and advance their careers, marketing professionals may choose to pursue graduate education. The advanced coursework completed through graduate programs can offer specialized skills and opportunities for accelerated career advancement and greater earning potential.

However, there are several variations of master’s degrees in marketing that suit different professional aspirations and desired skill-sets.

Master’s Degree in Marketing

A Master of Science in Marketing is typically a highly focused course of study that offers in-depth insight into modern marketing techniques. For students with a specific area of interest in mind, like sales leadership or social media marketing, pursuing an MS can present a unique opportunity to develop their desired abilities.

Master’s in marketing programs often focus on a particular approach or discipline in close detail, which can be a beneficial course of study for some students. Those seeking this type of credential typically have a distinct position already in mind, and seek to build the skills necessary to perform in their desired marketplace.

MBA in Marketing

For those interested in exploring marketing’s place within the larger effort of fostering an organization’s growth, an MBA with a marketing concentration might present the better option. In addition to providing an overview of brand management and effective communications, an MBA with a marketing concentration allows the student to build on their fundamental business skills and develop as a complete business professional.

Beyond that, the MBA credential carries with it a high degree of respect among employers. The skills developed through MBA coursework are often preferred for jobs throughout the business world. This means that students can complete a valuable professional credential while also fulfilling some specialized requirements in marketing, becoming expert leaders in the field with a keen sense for the larger goals of any business.

MBA or Masters in Marketing?

Both of these credentials offer distinct advantages to those interested in pursuing or enhancing their career in marketing. However, the coursework they offer can vary greatly, as can their applicability to the current business landscape. When considering each credential, be sure to keep your academic needs and professional interests in mind, and choose the one that fits them best and complements your path to becoming a marketing leader.

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