Beginning a Career in Airport Management

airport management careerAirport management is a dynamic field that covers a broad range of key academic disciplines relevant to the aviation industry. Breaking into a management career in this industry requires in-depth instruction not only in business administration and analysis but also in more specialized areas of study, such as aeronautical engineering, aviation safety, security and emergency planning, aircraft maintenance management, air transport and airport operations, global logistics and supply chain management, and airline marketing and management.

Responsibilities associated with an airport management position include implementing healthy business practices, evaluating whether or not an airport meets local and federal safety and security standards, ensuring efficient logistics and passenger safety, training airline employees, and more. Management personnel in smaller airports frequently take on even more specialized job responsibilities, such as supervising flight controller and airfield operations, running aircraft repair stations, and handling accounting and record keeping, making them a truly integral part of the complex aviation and airline tech industry.

Career-wise, an education in airport management offers opportunities for employment in a wide variety of roles. Typical job descriptions include airport manager, ground crew manager, aviation instructor, air transport consultant, airport operations director, supply chain analyst, and revenue management analyst. Aviation instructors, in particular, are currently in demand worldwide, as the recent rise in hiring activity among airports, airlines, and charter service companies are prompting instructors to take on more hands-on positions.

This increase in hiring within the aviation industry comes as a result of the recent surges in business travel and international tourism. Thanks to the demands of globalization, industry experts anticipate a continuing increase in the need for air transport and airfreight services. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the fast-moving sector to grow by as much as 7 percent in terms of the number of industry employees between 2008 and 2018.

Sought-after attributes in airport management personnel include a sound knowledge of the industry, personnel management and assessment skills, analytical and observational skills, public relations skills, a high regard for regulatory compliance, and a willingness to work in a challenging environment. Job prestige and high annual earnings will keep the competition for management positions fierce in the coming years. However, an online aviation MBA can provide the necessary foundation for gaining a competitive edge in the field.

An online aviation MBA goes beyond the scope of the average graduate-level business degree. It offers an added specialization specifically designed to improve students’ future employability within the air transportation sector. The Lynn University online MBA program, for instance, offers an aviation specialization that incorporates foundational courses in business and management as well as airport operations, aviation organization management, and other aviation-specific courses.

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