Lynn University is committed to evolving as an institution, providing the best possible educational experience for its students using cutting-edge technologies. In pursuit of that goal, we’re proud to utilize iPad®-powered learning in our program.

Employing this technology enables Lynn to connect our students with a powerful learning tool, one they can use to complement their education and access a number of preloaded applications. Students can use the device to supplement their coursework with interactive apps, a growing selection of faculty-produced e-books, and access to the iPad’s many functions and tools while on the go.

The iPad initiative had a significant impact on the student body since its inception in 2013, helping students stay connected and enhancing the learning experience.

To learn more about the iPad initiative, click here. If you have questions about how this program works for our MBA students, visit our FAQ page or call (877) 958-5024 to speak to an admission counselor.

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